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Rimowa Luggage

Rimowa Luggage

With the wave of positive feedback from Jet-Setter customers we decided to expand beyond our original offerings of the abnormally lightweight Salsa Air and Salsa Deluxe series and offer the 'off-the-charts' durability of the Topas, Topas Titanium and Topas Stealth lines as well as the Limbo line which offers a little of everything. 

Rimowa Luggage's state-of-the-art technology and perfect craftsmanship places it at the top of the industry. Each Rimowa's approximately 200 parts are put together with unmatched care and dedication. The end result is the absolute height of sophisticated design and durability.

It really is no surprise that Rimowa has been featured in over 250 movies including The Avengers, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers.

Jet-Setter guarantees the best price, largest selection and fastest shipping times in Canada on Rimowa Luggage! We also assure the most in-depth customer service experience possible. Try us, call any time! 

The Topas, Topas Titanium and Topas Stealth lines by Rimowa are exclusive to our website and cannot be found at our store location. Many colours and styles are also web-exclusive so please call first (1-888-271-5058) if you intend to visit our store location for Rimowa.