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Earplanes Pressure Relief Earplugs

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Relieves air pressure and pain during take-offs and landings. Works naturally using the exclusive Ceramix filter. Recommended for cold and allergy sufferers and those prone to air pressure changes. Each Earplanes is good for two flight segments.


Item #: 11201


Product Reviews (4)

Posted: Jun 27, 2015

Review by john

Not bad

These could work better... I get extremely bad ear pain on any plane ride.. short or long. I found they worked ok... still had some ear pain and a headache but they did help the situation. Would recommend either way for anyone with ear pain on plane rides.

Posted: Oct 16, 2014

Review by Dianne

These worked much better than I ever expected.

I don't have ear pain during takeoff, just on landing. I followed the instructions, inserting them one hour before landing & I did not remove them until the door was opened. I found them awkward to insert the first time but it was easy after that. They are a little uncomfortable for that hour but well worth it. I had absolutely no pain. In fact, during one leg of my six flights, I was sleeping and didn't realize we had landed until I felt the slight bump when we touched down. For several hours after flying, I usually have plugged ears and can't hear as well, but I didn't experience any of that after using Earplanes. I will definitely continue to use these every time I fly.

Posted: Apr 25, 2014

Review by Caitlin

Excellent pain relief!

I have had had ear pain while flying for many years and it got to the point that during one flight, the pain was so severe it caused a massive headache and I was crying in pain. The next time I flew, I found these and decided I might as well try them. They were a little bit uncomfortable, but I felt no ear pain! I have been using them for my long distance flights ever since, HIGHLY recommended for those with ear troubles.

Posted: Nov 19, 2013

Review by Paula

Earplanes have saved me from pain many times.

I discovered these little wonders quite a few years ago, I bought them in England. Thank goodness Jet Setter sells them, they are hard to find in Ontario.
Insert them in your ears as the plane is taking off and just as it starts the descent.
The corkscrew effect actually helps pressurize your ears without you having to open your mouth, hold your nose and blow.....which I find painful to do.
I suffer pain on take off and landing but since wearing Earplanes, I've never had any problems, even when I once flew with a cold.
I always make sure I have a pair for each flight, usually four flights per trip. I give them a 4 star rating as the down side for me is the price, (they're expensive in the UK too). Considering they are only used for one flight then thrown away, but, they're still worth it for the comfort they give me.