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No-Jet Lag

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Want to arrive after travel invigorated and refreshed? This homeopathic jet lag remedy is scientifically proven, healthy and easy to take and contains enough for 40 hours of flying. This little tablet is trusted by sport teams, business travelers and airline personnel. It combats the symptoms of jet lag, such as fatigue, disorientation, lack of concentration and motivation, dehydration, sleep disruption and discomfort of legs and feet.


Item #: Nojetlag

No-Jet Lag

Product Reviews (2)

Posted: Jan 6, 2015

Review by Sharon

Wonderful product!

We used No-Jet-Lag when we went to Vietnam a couple months ago. On the way there we took it as recommended and had no jet lag at all. On the way home we did not take it as recommended (were sleeping to much) and we suffered for 3 days with jet lag.

Will definitely use it next time we travel and highly recommend that you do too!

Posted: Oct 11, 2014

Review by Melissa

Great product that helps combat jet lag!

I bought No-Jet Lag for a trans-Atlantic overnight flight and the next morning when I arrived in London, I felt refreshed and ready to go explore the city! Amazingly, I did not have that foggy almost dizzy feeling that you usually have after a 7 hour red-eye flight. I managed to enjoy a whole day of sightseeing without needing a nap. I have since used this product for flights across the country, as well. I will definitely continue to use this homeopathic remedy and highly recommend it!