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Pack-It Cube

by Eagle Creek

SKU# 411

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Once we started using these handy packing pouches we never travel without them. There is no better way to save space and keep your belongings well organized in your luggage.

The zippered cube goes directly from your baggage into the hotel dresser so your clothes stay neat and clean on the road. The breathable mesh top lets you see the contents clearly and airport security likes them too!

Part of Eagle Creek's extensive line of packing organizers to keep your clothes wrinkle free and organized.

Product Information:

  • Great for t-shirts, pants, shorts, etc.
  • Mesh top for visibility and breathability
  • Quick-grab handle
  • Two-way zippered opening
  • Lifetime Warranty


Item #: 411

Dimensions: 3.0" x 14.0" x 10.0" inches
7.6 x 35.6 x 25.4 cm

Volume: 6.80 L

Product Reviews (3)

Posted: Aug 1, 2013

Review by Kira

Great way to pack clothing!

I recently went on a weekend camping trip and needed to pack all I needed for the trip into a small gym bag. I was able to pack all my clothing (tshirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, sweatshirt) in this one cube! I loved having all my clothing in one contained space and having more room for the rest of my things.

Posted: May 16, 2013

Review by Lindsay

Great for keeping clothes organized!

Buy these in different colours to keep track of pants, and shirts, or different colours for different family members. Super easy to pack with clothes by rolling them up, and more will fit in these than you would think! Eagle Creek also stands behind their products with lifetime guarantees!

Posted: May 15, 2013

Review by Miner

Very efficient form of packing clothes

We have used these cubes on several trips now, and they make a case very quick and easy to pack and unpack. They are especially useful where space is limited for unpacking a case such as in a ferry cabin or in a railway sleeper cabin. Your clothes stay neat and tidy.

These cubes are so simple and so sensible!