Orbo Snap & Match Puzzle (Bilingual)

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Orbo is a snap and match puzzle and brain teaser all in one. About the size of a baseball, but much lighter, the sphere has holes marked on the outside with coloured rings and coloured balls inside. Players must push the coloured ball through the hole and shift it until it snaps into the corresponding empty space. The foam center allows players to move the balls from hole to hole. Match all the balls with the coloured spaces to solve the puzzle, then mix it up again for another try! This fun game challenges your problem solving skills and encourages young children to develop dexterity and brush up on their colours and matching skills while having fun. Enhances memory, processing speed and concentration too! Orbo makes a wonderful therapy toy, stress ball, desktop office toy, and/or take along travel toy. Age 4 and up.

  • Orbo is the fun, ball-shaped puzzle that snaps together
  • Match all the balls, race against the clock, compete with friends
  • Colour coding helps children match coloured balls to corresponding spaces
  • Entertains preschoolers and parents
  • Encourages learning, creativity, social interaction and good old basic fun
  • Enhance memory, processing speed and concentration
  • Ages 4 and up.

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