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Aeros Traveller Neck Pillow

By Sea to Summit

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Avoid long, uncomfortable travel and arrive at your destination well-rested with this ultra-lightweight neck pillow. A classic product redesigned with 20D laminated polyester and ergonomic curves. Weighing in at 2 ounces and packing into a tiny stuff sack this pillow is a hassle-free, highly effective addition to your daypack or carry-on. Inflates in a only a few breathes, the ergonomic design is larger at the ends to better support your neck, while the back takes up less space against the headrest on a plane.

+ Specifications
  • Narrows at the center to fit snuggly between your neck and the headrest
  • Enlarged ends offer better neck support
  • Laminated with abrasion resistant, high strength TPU
  • Inflate pillow in just a couple of breaths with the multi-functional valve