Pacsafe Cashsafe 25 Money Belt

by Pacsafe
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The Cashsafe 25 deluxe travel belt looks as good as it is smart. The stretch fabric pocket can secretly stash credit cards, money and even a smart phone or passport! Best of all, this belt is completely metal-free so you can breeze through security at airports without ever having to remove your belt! One of the very few money belts without metal pieces.


  • Secret pocket can stretch to fit a passport / phone 

additional features 

  • Metal-free: airport security friendly
  • Plastic buckle - no need to remove when passing through airport security
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use non-slip Duraflex buckle
  • Durable webbing material
  • Expandable zip pocket that can fit passport

Width: 28.3 - 48.8 in


0.16 lbs / 0.07 kg

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