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Poo La La: Before You Go Toilet Spray

By Poo-Pourri

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From the makers of Poo-Pourri comes Poo La La, the before you go toilet bowl spray that eliminates bathroom odours with a natural & fruity aroma that will leave you feeling like a haute couture fashion model squatting on the throne! Poo-Pourri is a "Before You Go" spray that applies a thin protective barrier over the toilet water that traps the odour in the toilet allowing you to breathe easy! Staying in a hotel or even at home with a single toilet can lead to some pretty unpleasant moments, but thanks to the blend of Wild Flowers and Natural Essential Oils, it will be your little secret!


The Small 4oz bottle has approximately 200 uses


+ Specifications
  • Spray before you go to eliminate odours.
  • Large size has 200 uses
  • Made of natural ingredients