Men’s ScotteVest

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This is travel clothing for the 21st century - the Men’s ScotteVest could be worn to the moon and back again with 24 designated pockets that hold and hide all your electronic gear and travel necessities. You name the gadget, there’s a compartment for it. But best of all, the vest’s cleverly designed Weight Management System™ evenly distributes the weight of its contents so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a carry-on bag on your back. The NoBulge™ pocket construction creates a tailored streamlined look that conceals all the goodies tucked inside the pockets. No one could ever guess you’re carrying your eyeglasses (with a removable cleaning cloth), camera (with slot for memory card), keys, pens, water bottle (held upright with a secure elastic band), phone, MP3 player (with headphone wires neatly embedded in the lining and pouches in the collar to stow earbuds), Bluetooth device, Kindle®, books, maps, travel documents, magazines and even an iPad® (with clear touch fabric for touchscreen control). The lightweight mesh lining is breathable for comfort and the soft Teflon® treated shell is stain, wrinkle and water resistant for practicality. Plus you can slide it through airport X-ray screening with the pockets fully loaded!

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