Topas Stealth 26" Multiwheel

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The all new Stealth Series from Rimowa features a tough as nails aluminium-magnesium alloy build and interior compartments keeps things organized. All the advantages in strength and durability from the Topas lines remain, and adds an unbelievable stunning black finish. The Stealth series combines Rimowa’s unmatched quality with a glamorous Hollywood look that will leave and all travellers you encounter envious!

The aluminum-magnesium alloy casing, which was originally developed especially for tropical travel, makes this among the sturdiest luggage in the world. It protects against high humidity and remains unaffected by strong fluctuations in temperature, turbulence and strain. The Topas was introduced back in the 1950s and has been under continuous development since then.

The 26" is a great choice for those traveling frequently for varying lengths of time. Being right down the middle means you can pack it loosely for shorter trips and tight for longer trips. Worried it's not big enough? Use one compression sac and it will be just right.

The Rimowa Topas lines are made for those who would like the toughest, most durable luggage on the market today. It being the most impressive looking line of luggage we at Jet-Setter have seen, is merely the cherry on top!

Rimowa has been featured in over 250 movies including The Avengers, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers.

We at Jet-Setter always assist our customers in any way we can and we back all manufacturer warranties on products we've sold.

26.8" x 17.5" x 10.2"



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