Pacsafe Toursafe Expandable 29" Wheeled Anti-Theft Luggage

by Pacsafe
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 Travel with confidence that your luggage is secure from thieves with Pacsafe's Toursafe luggage. Riddled with anti-theft features, this luggage is protected against pickpockets, cutters, grab and runs and most other people who want what's in your bag.

The Toursafe also offers excellent durability and organizational features. The front outer pocket is tall, reaching almost from the top of the bag to the bottom, and can fit shoes, a sweater, books, magazines and more. It also includes zip-access to the main pocket to quickly grab or store what you need without fully opening the bag.

The main compartment has 2 small side, and 1 large front mesh pockets for organizing accessories and clothes. The 2 compression straps are built of a tough nylon for heavy compression of clothing and added packing volume.

Why buy the Toursafe:

Would you be more relaxed if you could worry a lot less, or not at all, about your belongings. Toursafe is the only significant solution to that on the luggage market today. It also offers a level of durability ideal for frequent travelers.


  • Puncture-resistant zippers: ToughZip™ prevents forced entry with a ballpoint pen or sharp object and will keep people from stealing as well as keep contraband substances from being put in your suitcase.
  • eXomesh® Slashguard built-in stainless steel wire mesh inside the material keeps out opportunistic thieves and keeps in contents if the bag is damaged in transit.
  • Interlocking zipper pulls make it very difficult for pickpockets to unzip your bag without you noticing. Attach the zipper pulls to the Roobar™ to make it near impossible to get into the bag.
  • Roobar™ locks down the zippers, straps and attaches the suitcase to a table or post or any other secure fixture with it's included steel cable. Roobar™ can be securely locked with a small lock or luggage lock (not included).

74 x 39 x 30.4 cm
29.1 x 15.4 x 12 in

4.5 kg
9 lbs 14.7 oz 

83 L
5065 cubic in

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