Trunki Riding Carry On Luggage

by Trunki
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Now your child has a carry on luggage to call their own, and they can ride on! The Trunki is a unique rolling carry on designed for little ones that they can sit on and be pulled around or scoot along by themselves when they get tall enough! The interior of the case has straps to secure stuffed animals, toys and other items, and the cloth catch net can be used for storing superheroes, dolls, or other small surprises. Keep unwanted brothers or sisters out with the lock featured on the "nose" of the case, the key is found on the removable strap that is also used for "towing" your little on around. The Trunki is designed for ages 3 and up, can safely hold a child up to 110 lbs., and comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • 18 liters capacity - Lots of space to pack toys and games.
  • Lockable case - Keep favourite possessions safe inside for the ride.
  • Lightweight and durable - The same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases.
  • Comfy saddle - Rest tired legs while waiting in lines and you’ll never hear “my feet hurt” again!
  • Horn grips for stability - Grab the horns for increased stability on your Trunki.
  • Tow strap - For pulling your little one along on the journey.
  • Carry handle - Easy to grab for a departure gate dash or unloading from car.
  • Soft rubber trim - To protect little fingers while packing and a tight fit.
  • Internal pocket - Keep treasures inside for easy access.
  • Teddy bear seatbelts - Keep teddy safe with his very own seatbelt!

18 x 8 x 12"


18 Litres

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