TSA Lock® Luggage Strap

TSA Lock® Luggage Strap

By Eagle Creek

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Did you know that TSA baggage screeners can open Travel Sentry™ Certified locks (with their set of specialized tools) when necessary for inspection? This means that when you purchase a TSA Lock®, the risk of damage to your bag and lock are lessened. (Oh happy day!) Just wrap this strap around your luggage, for a secured bag that's super easy to spot on the conveyer.


+ Specifications
  • Travel Sentry™ Certified Lockable, adjustable luggage strap with Baggage Constrictor™ functionality 
  • 3-dial combination 
  • Bright color to help you identify your bag
  • ABS Plastic Housing
  • Nylon Webbing

Dimensions: 74.5" x 2.0" inches