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XS Air Space

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An ultralight zippered stowage solution. They are much more accessible than a stuffsack and, because of their shape, they tend to fit well into your pack. The “bath tub” construction leaves no seams to leak when they are set on the wet earth or in the bottom of a kayak for that matter. The perfect packing system for clothes and food.

I (Robert at Jet-Setter) spent 8 months traveling around South-East Asia with my girlfriend, spending no more than 3 days in any city for months at a time. That’s a lot of packing and unpacking. We each brought one of these. I admit it, I am not gentle with my gear, and I keep exposed scissors and razors in my toiletry case and I have a tendency to throw things carelessly. We both came home with not a tear or rip to be found in these cases and in excellent (a little dirty though) condition, all despite how thin and light they are. They are SO lightweight and can be spread so wide open to see what’s inside, I would definitely recommend this bag to everyone!

Width: 6.00

Height: 8.00

Depth: 8.00

Weight: 0.0750


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