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Why Buy From Jet-Setter?

Since 1986 we have worked closely with our customers to provide them with the luggage, travel accessories and services they need to make their travels easier, more comfortable and secure, no matter the destination, business trip or vacation.

Our customers continue to rely on us to find the best travel gear available, saving them time, money and the frustration of searching on their own. Our experience in the travel industry and our understanding of travelers' needs, based on our own extensive trips and those of our clientele, are what keep people coming back to shop at Jet-Setter year after year.

We'll happily do the legwork for you too - that is, select high quality products at the best price, combine it with our hassle-free and attentive service including any additional advice or information we can offer you to make any trip you take a pleasure.

We assist our customers in servicing the guarantees on everything we sell, we maintain our own stock, and fulfill all orders ourselves. Our specially trained staff knows the travel gear business. We will do everything we can to make your experience shopping at Jet-Setter enjoyable.

We are continuously updating our site and adding new luggage collections as well the newest travel accessories so visit us often to find the latest additions to our online store. It's our pleasure to assist you in any way - phone or e-mail us today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Latest Product Reviews

Pack-It™ Specter On Board
Posted: May 23, 2015 Review by AL
Perfect Size

Just got this for travel. It's the perfect size for extended travel - not too big so I don't bring unnecessary items but big enough to hold the essentials. Love Eagle Creek products! They're always top notch quality!
Super fast shipping too!

Retractasafe 100
Posted: Jan 11, 2014 Review by Julieta

I bought this for my grandson's trip to Cuba with his high school post graduation trip to use to lock and attach his bags together to a stationary object while swimming. I also used it during a Father Suarez mass service in Oakville, Ontario to lock the zipper of my leather purse and attach it to a chair while I serve, because we have no secure place to store our purses. Love this for security. Would be buying the next bigger size to bring to my husband's and my trips.

Peekaboo Bag Tag
Posted: Mar 25, 2015 Review by Calvin
Cute Fashionable way to keep track of your luggage!

I picked this up to help me keep track of my luggage. I, like many other people, picked up a generic set of Heys luggage at costco, so I was concerned about possibly getting my things mixed up with someone else when picking up my suitcase from the airport. With this attached that problem is no more! I love how durable the materials are and the design. Even if someone else has a baggage tag too, the likelihood of it being an elephant shaped piece makes my suitcase even more identifiable. Love it!