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Pack-It Compression Sacs Pack - 1 sm, 1 med, 1 lge

by Eagle Creek

SKU# 40388

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Sometimes you need to bring an extra jacket or your favorite pillow, and now you can without having to take an extra large suitcase. Just place your bulky items inside a compressor sac and roll the excess air out.

Product Information:

  • Nylon yarns reinforce against tears
  • Reduces volume up to 80%
  • Patented one-way pressure valve
  • Patented zip closure at top
  • Lifetime Warranty


Item #: 40388

Compression Sacs - 1 sm, 1 med, 1 lge

Product Reviews (4)

Posted: Nov 23, 2014

Review by Cynthia

Great overall

I bought the three pack, but only find the Large useful. I haven't even needed the Medium and Small. The Large however is great for dirty laundry. I've always hated the amount of space I've used for dirty laundry, until I used the Large sac during a recent trip. My husband and I spent a week in Scotland. I put all of our laundry in one Large compression sac. It took up about as much space as a sweater. Awesome. If you buy one compression sac, buy the Large for laundry.

Posted: Oct 27, 2013

Review by patricia

great and durable

I bought these sacs over 10 years ago, and only recently did one of them get a tiny hole in it. I patched it up with Duct tape, and although it still leaks a bit, it would work just fine for packing and going on an average trip of 6-8 hours. These are very durable, and when there are no holes, are great for keeping things packed flat for easily 6 months or more.

Posted: Sep 18, 2013

Review by Peter

Perfect and durable

These sacs will let you pack almost everything in even your carry on!

It's perfect for winter and more "puffy" gear, it will make it completely flat!

As I unpack out of my carry on bag on which I only take on most trips people are amazed by how much I can fit while they are stuck checking in luggage!

I haven't had any issues with the sacs puncturing, the material seems very strong and durable.

Posted: Jun 11, 2013

Review by Elaine

Perfect for travelling or storage

I often visit ski hills during the winter season, and packing a giant puffy winter jacket with snow pants can take up a LOT of space (especially if you're crammed in a small car with other people!) - these compression bags will be a HUGE help, as it will literally flatten the jacket into a pancake. These sacs are also great for storing winter gear during the off-months, also saving a ton of closet space.

My only minor concern is the plastic material of the bag - it definitely seems durable, but I'll have to be careful about not puncturing it. Overall, I'm incredibly happy with the product!