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Laundry Soap Sheets

by Travelon

SKU# 02096

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TSA carry-on compliant laundry soap sheets are just one of many great products that allow you to take control of your carry-on once again. Just add water and the sheets will dissolve instantly allowing you to wash your clothes without the bulk or problems that come with having liquids in carry-on bags.

Product Information:

  • Dissolves in water
  • 50 biodegradable sheets per container
  • 3-1-1 carry-on compliant


Item #: 02096

Dimensions: 2.6" x 0.6" x 1.8" inches
6.7 x 1.6 x 4.4 cm

Volume: 0.05 L

Laundry Soap Sheets

Product Reviews (10)

Posted: Apr 21, 2015

Review by William

does the job without the mess

The package of sheets is small and does not take up much room. The sheets are better than the powdered soap because it less messy to store and carry around. Also, you're hands must be completely dry before using the sheets.

Posted: Apr 20, 2015

Review by T

Very convenient!

Very useful if you are going away for a longer period of time. I washed all my clothes with them by hand in the sink. These sheets worked better than the powdered soap I used before. Plus, the package of sheets is small and light and easy to pack. As others have mentioned, you're hands must be completely dry before using!!

Posted: Feb 2, 2015

Review by The Plus Size Backpacker

Practical, but a lot of sheets needed for one "load" !

I brought those laundry soap sheets during for my 6 weeks in India. My friend and I each bought 2 pack.

VERY IMPORTANT : DO NOT TOUCH THE PRODUCT WITH WET HANDS! All the sheets will end up sticking together or to your fingers and you will end up with one messy pack of soap sheets! (Happened to me, and even once dried, the sheets got all stuck in a bunch. Still usable, but not as great as originally intended!)

The "laundry purist" will find it lacks foam; in some ways, it's not a bad thing, because it takes less time to rinse (definitely not a "con" in that case). Nobody likes to spend hours doing laundry (the rinsing & wringing is the longest part!) when on vacation, so this allows for an OK wash, for "shorter" term get away (less than 3 months I would say). I guess it is caused by the need of the "sheet format" of this soap, this is very basic laundry soap, with no stain removing, bleaching/whitening agents, Overall, and especially with unclean/very mineral water, your clothes might lose their original qualities (nothing that a good machine wash won't fix though).

Posted: Jun 19, 2014

Review by Deanne

no water!

So I used these on my most recent trip. They are so thin (like Listerine strips) which poses several problems. One your hands can't be wet, two you end up using multiple at a time and three it produces a really small amount of soap. I bought these and the tide liquid and it made a good combo but I wouldn't only bring these.

Posted: Apr 8, 2014

Review by Kristel


Gotta agree with the other reviewers -- a must especially if you are travelling for a longer length of time. The lightness and compactness of this item leaves more space in your liquid allowance!

Posted: Apr 5, 2014

Review by Julianna

tiny and lightweight

I admit I haven't used the soap yet but I still feel like these deserve 5 stars because they're just so tiny and lightweight and will be the perfect option to use on the road. I picked up 2 packs for my upcoming trip (14 months) and am tempted to geta couple more.

Posted: Mar 22, 2014

Review by Marie-Line

nice as an extra

I mainly use bar soap for my laundry, but this is so tiny it is ideal to keep as an extra. If you just make sure you remove the sheets you need BEFORE having your hands wet at all with water, it's all fine and easy to use! Oh, and did I say super compact??
Great to just have as a back up in case you have an unexpected case of needing to wash something in your sink!

Posted: Feb 18, 2014

Review by Alexandra

Work great

As other reviewers have stated, make sure that your hands are bone-dry before touching these. Otherwise, they work like a charm, and have a nice mild scent :)

Posted: Jan 27, 2014

Review by Davidd419

Lightweight product & did the job.

Make sure your hands are dry before removing the soap sheet or moisture/water will get inside... if that happens the sheets will stick together. I'd say pack it separately from other travelon soap sheet products just incase in its own separate little plastic baggy. The case that sheets are in is not 100% waterproof sealed... so this is the reason for the little plastic baggy. During my trip I would use a couple of sheets in a blocked up sink... and would hand wash my undergarments and shirts and it did the job.

Posted: Dec 23, 2013

Review by Jennifer

Handy little sheets - very strong smell in package

Used this product on a few longer trips where I was just traveling with a carry-on so they were great for doing laundry every few days. They don't really lather, so if you're not used to that, don't overuse the product. You really only need one sheet, trust it's working without seeing lots of bubbles. Fingers must be dry when pulling out the sheet.
I did not find the smell of the soap too strong on my clothes after they were washed, but I did find the smell of the package very overwhelming. I stored it in a separate plastic bag and in a separate side compartment in my suitcase away from everything else.

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