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Z Zone Ear Plugs

by Go Travel

SKU# 430

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These silicon adjustable earplugs come with different sized inserts to allow for a precise fit - perfect for drowning out unwanted noise. The revolutionary, ergonomic design moulds to the ear cavity to maximize comfort and noise reduction. They even come with a handy carry case!

Product Information:

  • Precision, custom fit earplugs
  • Kit contains: washable silicon ear plugs 4 customised inserts earplug holder applicator


Item #: 430

Z Zone

Product Reviews (1)

Posted: Nov 15, 2014

Review by Diane

Great for my hubby, but not for me

My husband and I each bought a pair of these Ear Plugs. We wanted something that was comfortable to wear during long plane flights. My husband likes his. They fit well and he finds them comfortable enough for a few hours. He even wears his in the movie theatre to soften the loud sounds. I however, find them very uncomfortable. So much so that I don't use them anymore. It should be noted that I have small ear canals and always have problems with ear plugs.