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Sleep Deep: Getting Your ZZZs On The Road

How to Sleep Better on Any Trip 

Sleep mask has the sleep aids you need to get your ZZZs while travelling. Staying rested and relaxed on the road is simple with our well designed travel accessories. You can sleep better and stay rested while travelling with these easy-to-pack essentials from Make your next trip a more comfortable one!

1. Neck pillows provide support for your head by conforming to the shape of your head and neck. Memory foam and microbead pillows provide a comfortable, moulded support and inflatable pillows take up less packing space

Tip: Lavender enhances sleep. Spray lavender scent on your travel pillow, blanket and sheets.

2. Lightweight travel sheet sets and blankets pack light and are great to throw over hotel sheets for comfort and cleanliness wherever you go.

Tip: Keep the temperature on the cool side (16 to 18°C is ideal )and avoid alcohol, caffeine and overeating before bed.

3. Eyeshades have evolved from flimsy cloths to full light blocking masks that conform to your face. Eagle Creek’s "Easy Blink" mask is curved away from your eyes so you can easily blink without your eyelashes touching the mask.

Tip: Use an eye mask to keep the room dark and maintain your melatonin levels

Jet-Setter’s essential travel accessories make any trip more relaxed, from Ear Plugs to an all natural Jet-Lag remedy!

Tip: Promote sleep by eliminating noise with earplugs. Light stretches and relaxing music can aid relaxation before going to bed

4. Portable, amplified travel speakers provide crisp, clean sound from your smartphone, MP3 player and computer using either a headphone jack or Bluetooth.

Tip: White noise can help you sleep. Turn on the hotel room fan, pack a sleep machine or download and listen to white noise on your computer, iPad or smartphone using portable travel speakers

Tip: Power Down at Least an Hour Before Bed: Nighttime exposure to LED rays from any device with a screen can lead to sleeplessness

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