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*** PLEASE NOTE our Rewards Points Program has ended*** 

We want to thank our loyal customers who were members of our Rewards Point Program.

You can still redeem your active points: Call customer service at 1-888-271-5058 or e-mail us at  We're happy to answer any and all questions you have about redeeming your points. 


Earning Jet-Setter Points

Points can currently be earned for the following actions:

Redeeming Jet-Setter Reward Points

Redeeming points is very simple, just register as a Jet-Setter customer and whatever purchases or point-earning actions you take while logged in will earn you points that can be spent on anything on our site as cash.

For every 100 Jet-Setter Points, save $1 on your purchase. Redeeming your points towards your next purchase has never been easier - simply be logged into your account, or log in during the checkout page. You will be able to see your current point balance and a list of available discount levels you can use your points towards - simply click on the desired point value you wish to redeem and the discount will automatically be applied to your order - easy as that!


How does the Jet-Setter Rewards point system work?
 Members who create an account and are logged into our site can earn points through purchases or other actions (see our Points System section). You can use the points as cash towards future purchases at

Can I spend my Jet-Setter Reward Dollars at your store location in Montreal?
 Jet-Setter Rewards are only available for use on our website and cannot be earned or redeemed at the store location.

Do Jet-Setter Rewards points ever expire?
 Jet-Setter Rewards do not expire if you are an active member of the Jet-Setter community. If you have not redeemed a point over the last 12 months, any unused points will expire. So you must spend at least 1 point every 12 months. 

If I earn points regularly over 2 years, at the end of the 2-year period are my points from the first year still valid?
 Yes! As long as you spend 1 point or more per year more, all your points remain active.

How do I know how many Jet-Setter Rewards points I have?
Log into your account with and your points can be viewed by clicking 'Rewards' at the top of our website.

How do I use my Jet-Setter Rewards points?
 When your points become active they can be used on the checkout page when placing your order. Simply log in, or be logged into your account during checkout to see the available Reward points you have, then simply click on the desired discount you wish to redeem your points for and it will automatically be applied to your current order.

Why the 30 day wait for points to activate?
 We want to be sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and our return policy allows for 30 days for you to decide if you want to exchange the item. Other ways of earning points have shorter activation times.

What else can I get with my Jet-Setter Rewards points?
 Jet-Setter may offer special ‘points-only products’ and services at times including free shipping or free gifts for people using points.

If I return my order, can I keep my Jet-Setter Rewards points?
 Jet-Setter Rewards points will be deducted for returned items.

What happens to my points if I make an exchange?
 Points will be added or subtracted based on the price difference of the products involved in the exchange. There is no points penalty for exchanges.

Do points always have the same value? will occasionally have promotions including double or triple point items or raise the value of points for a day. Regularly check the website and Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more information regarding current and future promotions and events.

Can I acquire points for purchases I made and actions I took before implemented the Jet-Setter Reward Points program?
 Jet-Setter Reward Points only apply to purchases and actions after the date of implementation when the Points system was made active.

  • Jet-Setter reserves the right to withdraw points in cases where we determine there to be an abuse of our points program
  • Jet-Setter reserves the right to make changes to the Rewards Points program and conditions at any time without notice.

Reward Points cannot be applied towards the purchase of a Samsonite™, Lipault™ or Hartman™ product.