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6 Reasons You Should Own A Secrid Wallet

6 Reasons You Should Own A Secrid Wallet


A Better World Starts In Your Pocket

  1. Quick Access
    The patented mechanism provides a simple fast and secure way to access your cards
  2. Leave Behind The Excess
    Carry only what you need securely in your pocket. The slim profile fits perfectly into every pocket or purse
  3. Protect Your Cards, Money & Privacy
    The aluminium protects cards from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.(RFID blocking)
  4. Designed For A Long Lifespan
    Handcrafted in Holland using high-quality leather by professional artisans
  5. Ethically And Environmentally Produced
    100% locally made in Europe under stringent regulations to offset the carbon production entirely in cooperation with FairClimateFund and the environmental footprint from cradle to gate
  6. Small and light, but remarkably spacious and flexible
    Express yourself, choose the style that suits you


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