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Klutz Activity Books French

by Klutz
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Title: LEGO Réactions en chaîne
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Specializing in activity-driven books, The Klutz credo is: Create wonderful things, be good, have fun. These unique how-to book inspire creativity by combining crystal clear instructions, custom tools and materials like juggling cubes, face paints, Lego,  clay and more plus lots of humour! Great fun at home and on the road. These titles are in French. See Klutz English for a selection of English titles. 

Ma Petite Épicerie
Create more than 20 cute clay characters from every aisle of the grocery store and make a papercraft shopping basket and grocery bag! Sprinkled throughout are plenty of ideas to customize your grocery haul with cute food. Includes: 8 colours of air-dry clay, custom clay tool, 7 foam shapes, clay rolling pin, glaze, plastic eyes, sequin cheeks, stickers, plastic tray, brads, punch-outs. 48-page book. 9 X 8 in | 20 x 23 cm| Ages 6 & Up

LEGO Ingénieur
Follow the step-by-step instructions to build 11 machines including a gravity powered car and a wacky boxing robot. Open-ended prompts inspire you to continue experimenting with your own designs and modifications! Includes:  58 LEGO ® elements, and 6 sheets of papercraft. 78-page book. 10 x 10 in | 25 x 25 cm | Ages 8 & Up

LEGO Réactions En Chaîne
Create 10 LEGO machines that swing, bounce, pivot, roll, lift, and drop. Then connect, rearrange, and experiment with the machines to create a chain reaction. Learn solid building techniques and the physics behind the fun. Includes: detailed instructions and explanations on the physics for 10 machines, 33 LEGO pieces, 6 LEGO balls, 2.2 yds of string, 8 paper ramps , 2 paper pop-up signs,1 paper funnel, 1 paper flag, 1 paper bucket. 78-page book. 10 x 9 in | 26 x 23 cm |Ages 9 & Up

Salon De Pompons Monstre
Make pom-poms and turn them into stylish monsters with an exclusive pom-pom maker. Follow cutting and styling instructions to create perfectly coifed mop tops, afros, pigtails, and mohawks to name a few. Add tiny hair bows, punch-out feet and horns and foam tongues and teeth for the final touches! Includes: 36-page book. 10 X 8 | 25 x 20 cm | Ages 8 & Up

Créations Mode

Craft paper clothing couture using plastic stencil shapes and double-sided, acid-free patterned papers and embellish your designs with sequins, ribbon and other decorative doodads. Make perfectly proportioned pants, purses, skirts, scarves, sweaters, shoes and more. Finally, hang your outfits on the included tiny hangers. Use paper fashions to decorate greeting cards, gift bags, locker magnets and more. Includes: 64-page book. 9.5 x 9 in | 24 x 23 cm | Ages 8 & Up

Avions De Papier
Folding a single sheet of paper into a high performance flying paper machine has never been easier. Comes with clear instructions for folding 10 impressive kid do-able planes and 40 sheets of custom-designed paper in a variety of patterns. Includes: 40 sheets of flight-tested, ready-to-fold paper, printed on both sides in a variety of patterns, including leopard print, wood grain, hot rod flames and lose-it-on-the-lawn grass. 56 page-book. 10 x 12 in | 25 x 30.5 cm | Ages 7 & Up 

Le Livre Fabuleux Des Poupées En Papier 
A fabulous introduction to a classic activity. Contains 6 paper people and piles of perfect punch-out clothes and accessories. Includes: double-sided removable adhesive dots, die-cut pages of dolls and clothes,6 beautifully illustrated backdrops for play. 54-page book. 10.5 X 10 in | 16.7 x 25 cm | Ages 4 & Up