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Pacsafe® Anti-theft Technology Guide




Move through life confident that your personal information is safe. While convenient, RFID payments and smart passport technology can open up a chance for savvy thieves to skim your details from a distance. Stay secure with bags and wallets that use a special material to block unwanted scanners. Easy interactions, with added safety.


RFID blocking pockets & material


Keep your personal details under wraps. RFID blocking material shields your passport and credit cards against RFID skimming. Frequency blocking range 10MHz – 3GHz.





Know your bag will stay where you want it and enjoy the moment. Our range of secure straps and locking cables make it easy to secure your valuables to any handy anchor point.  Stay mobile with your things safe... wherever you go. Loop it, lock it, relax.


Turn & Lock security hooks:

    Secure your bag to a fixture to help avoid bag theft. Keep your bag safe from a snatch and grab. The turn & lock hook system fixes your bag in two easy steps. Clip, snap - secure.



    PopNLock security clip

    Secured buckle to help protect against bag thieves. Secure your bag to an immovable object with a simple pop and lock action. Peace of mind in just a few seconds.


    Locking cable

    Keep your bag where you want it. Secure your bag to a fixture to help avoid gear theft. This versatile locking cable is easy to secure and can be looped around any bag with a Roobar™ Delux.



    The toughest bag in the world is nothing if it's easy for anyone to open.
    We keep access to your gear under control, with a range of closure technology that's secure and simple to use. Zip it, lock it and enjoy your adventure.


    Roobar Deluxe

    Lockdown point for zippers and cables helps protect against pickpockets and gear thieves. Protect the contents of your bag by securing your zips and anchor cable on a single lock down point. All neat. All sweet.



    Lockabout security clip

    Three level lock-down point for zippers helps protect against pickpockets and gear thieves. Need to secure the gear in your bag? These sturdy clips do the trick with a no-nonsense lock.



    Roobar Sport

    Three level lock-down security point to ensure ultimate protection against pickpockets. Peace of mind in a sleek design - simply connect your zips, click them in place and slide on a lock. Easy on you, hard on thieves.


    Roobar Style

    Lock down those zips and give pickpockets the slip. The Roobar Style keeps security simple with an easy to use anchor point.


    Secure zip tab

    Zip pullers can be placed under and through a secure tab to deter pickpockets.
    Looping your zip pulls around these special tabs keeps things safe from slight of hand.



    Puncture Resistant ToughZip

    Puncture resistant double zipper helps prevent against luggage tampering. 
    The ToughZip holds the fort against prying pens and keys of audacious thieves.




    Zip Clips

    Zip pullers attach to hooks to deter pickpockets.  Curb a thief's enthusiasm with a feature that will make them fumble. Clip that zip.



    Lockable zippers

    Zippers can be padlocked to help protect against luggage tampering. Be the only one that can access your luggage.






    Put your valuables in your bag and rest easy they'll stay there. Our cut resistant technology offers added protection against scuffs, scrapes and even 'cut and run' attempts. Extra tough, extra peace of mind.



    360 eXomesh® locking system

    Lockable stainless steel cage helps protect against pickpockets & gear thieves. Like chainmail for your bag. This lightweight mesh locks at the top, keeping your valuables safe from would-be marauders.




    eXomesh® Slashguards

    Protect your gear against the old cut and run. Deter cut & run theft with stainless steel wire mesh. This stainless steel barrier keeps your bag's contents safe from any fly by a strike.




    Carrysafe® straps

    Wire reinforced straps helps prevent cut & run theft. Extra peace of mind that your straps will hold tight. The Carrysafe® system is reinforced with steel wire to prevent any cut & run theft.




    Carrysafe® straps with Dyneema®

    Wire and Dyneema® reinforced straps helps prevent cut & run theft. Extra strong straps that keep your backpack where you want it. Wire and tough Dyneema fabric go the extra mile against cut & run theft.