Eagle Creek Cat Nap Travel Rest Set

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Rest like a baby even on the go with the Eagle Crek™ Cat Nap Rest Set which includes a neck pillow, ear plugs and eye shades to block out ambient noise and lights. The washable U shape neck pillow can be transformed into a rectangle for an alternate fit and the ear plugs come with a convenient cup so you won't lose them.

  • Newer, softer,  and even more luxurious materials with a plush washable fleece
  • Sandman Eyeshade has a new moisture-wicking nose cushion and more comfortable adjustable elastic strap with a pocket to store earplugs
  • 2-in-1 Travel Pillow with super-soft filling converts from a neck pillow to a rectangular shape, and contains a quick snap strap to attach the pillow to a travel bag
  • Travel Ear Plugs (x6) stored in a reusable travel container are made of a comfortable foam for maximum sound blockage with a noise reduction rating up to 32dB

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