Lug Clearview Envelopes 2-Pack

by Lug
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Clear the clutter in any bag with these versatile pouches (one large and one small is included in each set). Perfect for storing cosmetics, hairpins, pencils, spare change, coupons, receipts—we’re talking everything but the kitchen sink, here—these see-through pouches help organize even the most disorderly among us.


  • 1 small and 1 large envelope per pak, wipeable material, zip closure
  • Small size: 5.75"w x 4.75"h x 0.5"d
  • Large size: 8"w x 5.75"h x 0.5"d
  • Lightweight and exterior materials are water-repellent.

Width: (L) 8.5 (S) 5.75

Height: (L) 5.75 (S) 4.75

Depth: (L) 5.75 (S) 4.75

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