Dry Phone Pouch

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Keep your valuable smartphone dry during the rain or at the beach with this protective PVC sleeve that still allows you to operate your touch screen phone! Slide your iPhone, Android BlackBerry or similar smartphone into the sleeve, close the Ziploc style clasps (3 in total!) that get wrapped up and securely closed with a Velcro patch - no water is getting into this thing! Best of all, its waterproof up to 1 metre so accidental drops in a puddle are nothing to worry about. Comes with an adjustable lanyard so you can keep it around your neck, under your raincoat and away from soggy pockets. Can accommodate a smartphone up to 5 inches by 2.5 inches (12.7 cm x 6.4cm).


  • 100% waterproof pouch for mobile phones
  • Waterproof to 1m
  • Visual access allows full use of phone when sealed
  • Safe usage for water and other sports

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