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Jet Legs Standard

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Help beat the “Economy Class Syndrome” by wearing Jet Legs Travel Socks! The causes are as follows:

1. Long periods of sitting with the knees bent = a reduction in the speed of bloodflow.

2. Overeating = The stomach and intestines press against the blood vessels in the groin and obstruct normal blood circulation.

3. Air pressure in the cabin of an aircraft is equivalent to that of approx. 2000 m above sea level, and therefore equal to an altitude to which
most passengers are not accustomed = less pressure on the body, the effect of which can be seen, for example, by swollen feet.

4. The air in the aircraft is very dry and passengers lose a lot of moisture throught the respiratory tract and skin, in addition the oxygen content is lower = the blood becomes thicker and can form a thrombosis (blood clot), which in the worst case can lead to a lung embolism and death.

JET LEGS Travel Socks = this increases the pressure on the legs and helps to improve the speed of bloodflow.