Topas Titanium 26" Multiwheel

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One of the toughest pieces of luggage in the world AND it might very well give rise to covetous glances from your fellow travellers. Feel free to bask in them as the exclusive series rolls through the terminals of the airport in the colour of the noble metal titanium. The body, the Rimowa lettering and the wheels reflect the ultimately cool look of the high-tech material.

Perfectly matched to the outfit is the interior: high quality polyjacquard in a sophisticated brown colour. Two new intelligent details make transport a whole lot easier and more comfortable. The new divider system is variably adjustable. No matter how full the case is, its contents are simply fixed by straps and fasteners so that nothing can slip around inside. There is an extra bag, too. It is simply fastened into the add a bag holder which is integrated in the shell of the case and the trip can begin.

The 26" is a great choice for those traveling frequently for varying lengths of time. Being right down the middle means you can pack it loosely for shorter trips and tight for longer trips. Worried it's not big enough? Use one compression sac and it will be just right.

Width: 17.90

Height: 10.20

Depth: 10.20

Weight: 13.2000

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