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5 Ways to Pack Smarter

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With a bit of planning and some simple storage items, you can have all your travel gear at your fingertips. Smart packing can make the difference between a harried holiday or smooth sailing! 

1. Packing Cubes


Organize your clothing, separate clean and dirty laundry, store cables and wires in their own pouch. The options are endless!


2. Shoe Pouches

Store your shoes together and keep out the dirt!

3. Compression Sacks

Shrink down your bulky clothing with compression sacs to reduce the volume by up to 80%!

4. Toiletry Kits

Keep lotions, potions and cosmetics compartmentalized for easy access!

5. Silicone Bottles

Decant your favourite shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, you name it, in these leak-proof, no-drip,  food-safe, BPA-free, PC-free containers!


Now You Can Be A Master Packer!

"Eagle Creek™ Pack-It Organizers: Why You Won't Take Another Trip Without One"

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