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Eagle Creek ™ Pack-it Organizers : Why You Won’t Take Another Trip Without One

Eagle Creek ™ Pack-it Organizers : Why You Won’t Take Another Trip Without One

Packing organizers have changed the way we pack our bags. Instead of cramming our belongings helter skelter, we can fit more stuff in less space with fewer wrinkles. Several companies make them but we think Eagle Creek™’s are the lightest and most durable with the best variety of sizes and shapes.

1. Pack Odds and Ends

quarter cube
Pack-It™ Quarter Cube

This perfect pouch holds all the objects that can easily get lost in a bag, like small electronics, cords, headsets, pens, notebooks, belts, camera and sunglasses. Once you’re ‘knick-knack’ cube is packed, it will become a permanent companion in your knapsack, briefcase, purse and gym bag. You won’t want to leave home without it.

2. Organize shirts

Specter folder
Pack-It™ Specter Folder 18"

How are you going to pack all those shirts without getting wrinkles? Easy peasy. Wrap your shirts or pants around a specially designed folding board and place them in a packing folder. They’ll stay neat and compressed, take up less space in your bag and go directly into the hotel closet.

3. Divide and conquer

Clean Dirty Cube
Pack-It™ Clean Dirty Cube

Separating clean clothes from dirty and wet ones from dry is a cinch with this two-sided cube. You can pack your sweaty gym clothes and wet bathing suits and they won’t soil or wet the rest of your belongings. With a breathable compartment on one side and a water resistant one on the other, moisture and odors are contained. Problem solved.

4. Roll it

Pack-It Half cube
Pack-It™ Half Cube

Roll your T-shirts and sweaters in a cube for maximum compression and minimum wrinkles. The mesh top is breathable and you can see what’s inside. These cubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a tube shaped and one just for shoes. The half cube is a good size for your underwear, socks, pajamas, scarves, ties and belts. Use different colours to be super organized and find stuff fast in your suitcase.

5. Pack Puffy Stuff

Pack-It Compression Sacs
Pack-It™ compression sacs

Pack your favourite pillow! A compression sac saves up to 80% of the volume of bulky items. Just squeeze the excess air out of the bag using the one-way pressure valve. Your ski sweaters and duvet jacket won’t take up too much space in your luggage anymore.

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Jenna K - September 13, 2016

I absolutely love pack-it organizers from Eagle Creek. Ever since I got my first organizers, I’ve been the most organized I’ve ever been. I’ve got different colours of a variety of the pack-it sizes and types. I’ve had to get a smaller luggage bag to fit my cubes since my old luggage bag got to be to big for the same amount of clothes. And your clothes stay nice and ready to wear.

These are a must have for daily use or traveling for everyone.

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