Chrome Bullet Space Pen

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The Fisher Chrome Bullet Space Pen can write at any angle, upside down, on wet or dry surfaces  and in temperatures from -34 to 121ºC. Developed by NASA to work in the gravity-free vacuum of Space, it has a sealed, pressurized ink cartridge that will not leak or evaporate. The classic design is small enough to carry in a pocket, wallet or purse when closed and is a full size writing instrument when open. Combining functionality and elegance, it's the ideal gift for anyone who wants their pen handy at all times.  It comes in a gift box with a medium point black ink pressurized cartridge refill built to last 3½ times longer than a regular ballpoint pen.



  • Open the Bullet Pen measures 5.25 inches (133 mm)
  • Closed the length is 3.75 inches (95 mm)
  • All Bullet Space Pen series contain a #PR4 Black Ink pressurized cartridge
  • Medium Point Pressurized Fisher Space Pen Refill

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